Facilitated Online Learning

At IME we believe that Facilitated Online Learning will replace e-learning and video conferencing.

Its well known that online collaboration can save organizations critical resources by cutting time and money spent on travel. Instead we can bring expert knowledge quickly to co-workers across the globe online.

This can connect problem – owners with the crucial insight and solutions they need for their daily work – even if that knowledge is only available far away. The same cannot be said about most online learning!


By having facilitated collaborative, active and personal online learning, you can overcome the disengagement and pacification described. Thus non-automated fast and global learning becomes possible! It is however necessary to learn how to design and facilitate such programs. And this is exactly the purpose of this program – to be able to DESIGN and FACILITATE personal online learning.


The objective of the program is that the participants become familiar with:

  • Creating personal connection, presence, trust and confidentiality online
  • Facilitating personal online learning through dialogue, exercises, practice and action learning
  • Preparing and designing personal online learning programs and adapting the content to the format
  • Applying collaborative software to drive online learning. Ie. Zoom, Slack and VidHub

Weekly training rhythm

  • 2 hour video meeting facilitated by Lars Hoffmann. This is the only part taking place at a fixed time. Otherwise participants can be active when it fits their schedule.
  • 1 hour reading, watching, discussing and giving feedback on text and video content in Slack
  • ½ hour video meeting in your learning team faciliteret by the members
  • ½ hour practice assignment with your real collegaues at work. Typically hosting and facilitating short video meetings and sharing the recordings and your reflections with your learning team

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